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Finnfjord AS


Former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg visited Finnfjord AS in 2011.

Finnfjord AS is a Norwegian, privately held manufacturer of ferrosilicon. The production is localized in Finnsnes, Northern Norway.

Finnfjord AS has around 15% of the market share in the European ferrosilicon market. A useful by-product is silica dust, which is utilized in the cement and concrete industry. Since 2013, the company has also produced electricity for sale in the Nordic market.

This rather small company took on one of the largest environmental investments in Norway in 2012. Today Finnfjord AS is the most climate efficient producer of ferrosilicon in the world, a result of building a waste heat recovery plant capable of producing up to 340 GWh of electricity. This investment of more than 110 million EUR, has considerably increased the attention towards waste heat recovery and its potential in Norway.  


Finnsnes Industrial park

Finnfjord dronebilde

Green spaces are available for new industry.

Finnsnes Industrial park is one of the most exciting areas for establishing industry in Northern Norway.

It was planned in the same period as Finnfjord AS built the waste heat recovery plant.

By providing affordable energy, as well as expertise in energy, environmental and industrial processes, Finnsnes Industrial park is a good location for establishing energy-intensive business.

Several companies in various industries are already located in the industrial park.

Finnsnes Industrial park is a partnership between Troms fylkeskommune, Lenvik kommune, Finnfjord AS and Kunnskapsparken Nord.

Allskog og SalMar Nord nye leietakere i industriparken

Finnsnes Industripark får stadig flere leietakere.  Allskog og SalMar Nord AS har høsten 2014 inngått langsiktig leieavtale med Lenvik Havn. Og TP Maskin AS har lokaler til leie i havneområdet.